RECAP – The Detroit Grand Prix

I can still feel the roaring engines in my chest, though the race weekend was over for me 24+ hours ago. Whether you’re the one driving the vehicle, or the person setting up the marketing booths at the event – the same thing brings us all to the track – that roaring feeling in your chest.  It’s a love for all things automotive, finding your niche in this industry & praying that you somehow find success. tab This weekends event was the historic Detroit Grand Prix. I would be attending with Holland America Line & Capital Area Travel Leaders. (Grand Ledge, MI) My company had recently been signed on with both of these great businesses, to assist & manage marketing communications for multiple chartered 2017 cruises. These cruise events are being geared towards the racing world, incorporating pro drivers, celebrities, race events, and more. Can you imagine going on a 7 day Caribbean cruise with Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage? (“WOOO!!”) Understanding most of the necessary partnerships to make these projects successful, that is where those few years of experience & education came in. Though the corporate world was being handled way above my head, I soaked in all the details I could and got to work. Rounding up all of the available information, I helped to create the marketing material we needed for our booth at the Grand Prix. I knew how these types of showcases worked, having been to The SEMA Show 3 times, and dozens of races prior. Though it’s impossible to take credit for any 1 specific aspect of the projects, considering how many people are involved to make sure everything happens on time. tab wine My Rally codriving is slim to none these days.  I don’t have to pack my race suit to come to these weekends of burnt rubber & Q16, which sometimes I wish wasn’t the case. But it seemed so surreal to be in the VIP areas of the race track this weekend at the Detroit Grand Prix, shaking hands & drinking Patron Tequila that was poured for me by spokesmodels. On a personal note, you can’t help but question whether or not there was some mixup and another person was meant to be in that chair, surrounded by curvy white spandex (those women must work out nonstop. Seriously.) It’s taken a few years, a million emails, thousands of miles of travel, and one serious passion for this industry. But the networking connections have started to shine a bright light on what route I should be following – which I feel is the exact road I’m already on. 11 Contact Tabitha Lohr today for a 1 on 1 consultation –