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Lohr Receives Personal Letter From
Michigan State House Representative

March, 2017 – Douglas, Michigan City Hall After a Downtown Development Authority meeting last week, Tabitha Lohr was handed an envelope from the Douglas City Clerk.  Address to her, inside it was a typed and signed letter from Mary Whiteford, a Michigan State Representative.  A statement to congratulate Lohr on her recent contract signing with the City of Douglas Michigan, to work with the Downtown Development committee as their Promotions Director. ‘City planning director Lisa Imus, said she and Pat Lion, a member of both the DDA board and council, interviewed Lohr about the position. “Tabitha specializes in website design, social media development/analytics, advertising campaign management and event marketing,” said Imus. “She is energetic, goal-oriented and full of great ideas. “I have kept the DDA board apprised of our interviews and conversations with Tabitha, along with her résumé and portfolio, and received several contacts from board members who approve of her employment. “Pat and I are recommending that we bring her on as the promotions director for the DDA.  A six-month plan of what the DDA would like (Lohr) to focus on has been developed,” said Imus.” Between May 2015 and October 2016, Lohr earned certifications from the Fayette County Career & Technical Institute for designing effective websites, achieving top search engine positions, mastery of business fundamentals and writing effective web content. Lohr, who has owned Lohr Marketing since April 2011, has numerous clients all over the US & 1 in Canada. Some of Lohr’s tasks will be: 1) Maintain and keep up to date the DDA website, app and social media applications. 2) Create cohesive templates for future communications strategies. 3) Assist with marketing and planning events in downtown. 4) Welcome to Douglas Resource Guides (app/print/distribution). 5) Assist with current and new business promotions. 6) Assist with development of a new sponsorship campaign. 7) Verbal or written reports for monthly DDA meetings. tabitha_lohr_marketing_company

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