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January 2016 Marketing Budget Tips

2015 ended strong, with record sales for Lohr Marketing & an overwhelming sense of experience and success.  But here we are in a new year, with new clients, and of course, all new projects. I wanted to briefly touch on some of the projects we are working on, as I know you may be able to utilize these same tactics in your own campaigns. zoey A very common issue I come across, is an automotive shop that is in dire need of an eCommerce store.  A way to sell their products online from their website, using a variety of payment options, and promote the brands that they have signed on to be dealers for.  TGA Performance from Colorado Springs, Colorado, signed on with us this month to take their shop to the next level and bring in that missing piece to the income puzzle, an online store.  TGA is currently setup on a platform, which is alright for a very basic website, but would not work for what they wanted to achieve.  The decision was made after going over pricing and functionality, to switch to Zoey Commerce, a sub-company of Magento.  Magento costs tens of thousands of dollars to use their programming, so this is a cheaper option for the smaller companies.  Zoey comes with a hosting plan, unlimited products, bandwidth, storage, and an incredibly clean Admin panel to make setup a breeze.  I am working with their marketing coordinator to get the spreadsheets of the products they will be selling, getting things organized and ready to be uploaded.  TGA will be up and running, selling products, by the end of February.  Cost: Zoey Commerce is $80-$90/month.  GoDaddy: Domain, Email, Shared Calendar is about $70/2 Years. *If your budget is between $2000-$5000, this is a great option for you.  (Depending on your product lines.) When I was at the airport in Las Vegas, flying home after the SEMA Show 2015, I met Will Leaman while sitting in the terminal.  A benefit from talking to strangers, Will told me about his upcoming business launch of Rising Sun Legends, an automotive import company based out of Virginia, that specializes in Toyota Land Cruisers.  It was a new company, still in the idea stage, but we exchanged contact information for future partnership.  December rolled around, and Will reached out, ready to launch his online campaign, further than just using Ebay for sales.  I helped him purchase his domain name, SSL Certificate (Secure connection encryption) & hosting through GoDaddy, keeping billing in his name for simplicity.  The plan for his website was simple, create a template for his vehicle listings, using a modern & mobile responsive WordPress Theme that I would purchase and install for him.  The website would use a PayPal integration, so customers can put down payments on vehicles, similar to how Ebay would work after winning an auction.  This website will be complete by the end of February.  Cost: GoDaddy totaled to about $300. *If your budget is between $1500-3000, this is a simple option for you. NLA_LogoGareth Campbell, owner of Next Level Automotive & Garth Vader Motorsports, based out of Auburn, Washington, contacted me originally because he wanted to improve his search engine ranking.  After consult, we realized that a new website would be the best option for Gareth, knocking out multiple birds with one stone.  He was currently built on an “old school” HTML based template, which was outdated and difficult to update quickly.  Migrating to a WordPress platform, I installed his newly purchased, more modern theme & began rounding up all of his images and content to sort out a layout.  As you can imagine, it is tough to come up with enough content to fill in all the white space, so we will be combining both businesses onto one website.  It added some labor hours for me, but will look better in the end.  I will do a URL redirect, so a search for his motorsport team will direct users to his shop website. Cost: Approximately $1500-$2000. 2016-bg-mm-002Marc Miller is a professional driver – [Driver for Viper Exchange / Riley Motorsports (IMSA WeatherTech Series – GTD) & CJ Wilson Racing (IMSA Continental Tire Series – GS)] and had his website built on Joomla, a content management system (CMS) similar to WordPress.  The issue with Joomla is that if your version of their software becomes too old, your host could suspend your account because it is a security risk, which is exactly what happened to Marc.  So he came to Lohr Marketing, having us switch things over to the WordPress platform, and install a great looking “portfolio” type of theme.  With all the necessary social media plugins, and a new plugin I’m learning to love, called Embedly.  This program works similar to Facebook link & content sharing, all you need to do is put the link in your post, and Voila, its on your website looking great.  This feature will be great for Marc, since he is featured in many online publications for his racing, all he needs to do is paste the link to the article, and it will auto-generate.  Cost: Approximately $1500-$2000.  Timeline for completion, less than one month. There are so many programs available online to help your automotive based company generate income.  Whether you are a driver, shop, fabricator, or dealer, the sky is the limit; you just need to know your  options. Contact Tabitha Lohr today for a 1 on 1 consultation –